As for the future, your task is not to see it, but to enable it.

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

The seeds of today are the gardens of tomorrow, and education provides a fertile ground for growth and innovation.  The future of professional education has, at this time, no boundaries, as we participate in technological advances, career creation and re-creation, and the development of new fields and disciplines.  In considering these shifts and transformations, we know that in preparing for the future, we have the opportunity to define it.

There is a need to anticipate and create a new pedagogy for this future, adjusting for the generation gap between those who teach and those who learn.  That gap still exists, as Jeff Borden pointed out in a presentation delivered at TCS Education System.  Borden defined Generation M: multitask, media, multi-modal, and multi-nodal.  Generation M deserves a new pedagogy, a pedagogy that builds upon the developments, advancements, and connections within and between technology, pedagogical awareness, information resources management, instructional design as it pertains to eLearning, cognitive-based learning theory, and community engagement.

In putting together this website, we are creating a montage of viewpoints, scenarios, perspectives, theories, belief statements and practices in order to produce a pedagogy for that future we have the opportunity to define.  We are asking people to consider the implications of this material so that we can begin to create products, programs, practices and possibilities for a new pedagogy.